A middle schoolgirl who Ika makes friends with after a helping her. She is the Second person who Ika officially makes friends with, and they soon become quite close.


Ayami appears to be the same age as Ika Musume,but a little younger. She wears a Seifuku with a white and pink colour scheme with a music note printed on the arm, pink socks and black school shoes.


She is a nice girl. She's usually portrayed as the innocent, shy, and quiet type. She is kind to others, also heart warming. She cares for others, She is also a animal lover. A very friendly, approchable girl but of very poor health. Her body is rather weak and gets strained easily. 



So far she has appeared in few episodes.


She is a good friend of everyone, (except for Sanae Nagatsuki) She thinks that Sanae is a wierd girl. She might have a older male cousin named Asagawa Tsuyori.