Chizuru Aizawa


相沢 千鶴


Aizawa Chizuru


Unknown (Most likely human)



Hair Color

Dark Blue

Eye Color

Dark Blue


Main Cook of Lemon Beach House


Eiko Aizawa (Younger Sister)
Takeru Aizawa (Younger Brother)

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Voice Actor

Rie Tanaka (Japanese)
Shelby Lindley (English)

Chizuru Aizawa (相沢 千鶴, Aizawa Chizuru) is the eldest of the Aizawa siblings. She operates the kitchen in the Lemon House and is often the one giving orders to her sister and Ika.


Chizuru with her eyes open

Chizuru with her eyes open.

Chizuru is the tallest of the Aizawa siblings. She is usually seen wearing the Lemon Beach House's yellow uniform and black shorts, along with white sneakers. You hardly ever see her full eyes, as she only opens them occasionally, mostly when fighting or threatening, sometimes when she is thoughtful.

Her eyes are a really dark blue, like her hair. Her hair is waist long, dark blue, and sticks up on the left side, which is the opposite of Eiko's.

Abilities Edit


Chizuru goes on the attack.

Chizuru may show a rather innocent exterior, to many customers, and her friends (or enemies) but she does possess an inner protective spirit, whenever she sees her family or her beloved beach house under threat.

Armed with faster-than-light reflexes, and splendid accuracy, Chizuru can unleash emotional harm, rather than physical, with a chef's knife to shred tentacles or even the clothes of her target.

This very power is enough to instil fear and trauma in both the Three Stooges and Ika Musume, whom both had been on the recieving end. Even more so that even opening her eyes is enough to cause Ika to tremble in dread.

Powerful, and fearsome in its own respect, Chizuru however was never seen using it outside the beach-house, which could be its only downfall.


Chizuru shows a caring, bubbly side to her relatives and friends. Often acting playful yet prove herself as in the mother-position. She is also very patient, usually putting up with Ika's antics, and treating them as games, yet as long as she dosen't overstep her authority and put others at risk, however she is keen to learn more about the squid girl's abilities with various plans and tests to prove her true capabilities.

While she is the personal crush of Gorō Arashiyama, Chizuru never appeared to have an interested in a romantic relationship with the opposite sex but moreso is more interested in her family however she may have already acknowledged the life-guard's interest in her.

She is considered to be a Yangire.


  • Chizuru always squint her eyes because of her bad eyesight. She tries to wear contact lenses[1] once but it makes Eiko and Ika nervous although guys consider her cute(r).

    Chizuru the gamer

  • Despite her calm demeanor, Chizuru has a strong competitive spirit. After Ika Musume defeats her in arcade games (racing, taiko and fighting game), she needs 1 week to put her name at the top in those games[2].



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