Eiko Aizawa


相沢 栄子


Aizawa Eiko





Hair Color


Eye Color



Manager of Lemon Beach House


Chizuru Aizawa (Older Sister)
Takeru Aizawa (Younger Brother)

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Voice Actor

Ayumi Fujimura (Japanese)
Heather Pennington (English)

Eiko Aizawa (相沢 栄子, Aizawa Eiko) is the manager of the Lemon beach house and Chizuru Aizawa's younger sister and Takeru Aizawa's elder sister. 


Eiko is a teenage girl with average height, orange hair and brown eyes.


Ika Musume = Eiko is one of Ika musume main obstacles from invading mankind. Eiko sees Ika musume as a nuisance and usually teaeses her about invading, and even phsically beats her. Despite her frequent irritation towards Squid Girl, Eiko does seem to care for her more than she cares to admit.

Chizuru Aizawa = Eiko's older sister. Eiko respects her older sister and is usually bewildered by her willingness of allowing Squid girl so many things. She seems to love her, but also notes how odd and somewhat violent she is.

Gorō Arashiyama = Eiko's Childhood friend. Gorō and Eiko seem to be rather close, and she teases Gorō about his crush on her sister.

Takeru Aizawa = Eiko's little brother. Eiko cares a lot about Takeru, worrying about his safety and scolding Ika Musume when he almost drowned.

Sanae Nagatsuki = Sanae is one of Eiko's friends. Eiko and Sanae seem to get along pretty well. Eiko however is somewhat weirded out by Sanae's fascination with Ika Musume even labeling her a pervert.

Alex = Eiko seems to love Alex far more than she loves Squid girl. Eiko was also the one who noted Alex's jealousy towards Ika musume


Eiko appears very violent when she is first seen as she brutally rubs her fists at Squid girl's head when she breaks a hole in one of the wall in the Lemon Beach House.She is a strong-minded girl and constantly has to keep Squid Girl in check. She likes to play video games, and dislikes studying. She could possibly have a Tsundere personality.

Gallery Edit

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