Gorō Arashiyama


嵐山 悟郎


Arashiyama Gorō





Hair Color


Eye Color






Anime Debut

Episode 2

Voice Actor

Yuichi Nakamura (Japanese)
Jason Wishnov (English)

Goro Arashiyama (嵐山 悟郎, Arashiyama Goro) is a Life Saver (basically a life guard) who is like an older brother to Squid Girl . He has a crush on Chizuru Aizawa.


Gorō appears to usually wear a red and yellow hat and is shirtless most of the time. He is usually seen wearing red swim trunks.

His skin is always tanned, hinting to his usual position on the beach.


Gorō appears to have a mild hatred of Ika Musume, while she sees him as a rival 'Guardian of the Sea'. As a Life Saver, Gorō is notably brave and informative, treating his job as some sort of Hero willing to jump into the sea to rescue anyone out at sea.

Most notably is his love for Chizuru Aizawa, possibly due to his frequent visits to the Beach House just to watch her behind the counter. He has even gone as far as having photos of Chizuru on his phone, which Ika Musume discovered when she encountered his phone.


Gorō has already been friends with the most of the other characters in the series.

Eiko Aizawa - Eiko and Gorō are childhood friends. They seem to get along very well though they do tease each other.

Ika Musume - Gorō considers her as a serious threat to beach safety, they're considered to be rivals. However, if the situation calls for it Gorō and Ika will see eye to eye and work together.

Chizuru Aizawa - Gorō has always set his eyes on her. Efforts to stop his passion for her can lead to resistance.

Takeru Aizawa - Takeru and Gorō get along. Gorō was kind enough to offer to teach Takeru how to swim. (Though this was to impress Chizuru.)


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