I. Ka. A. I. Su Ta Be Na I Ka?
Regular Edition Cover


イ・カ・ア・イ・ス 食 べ な イ カ ?

Performed By

Ika Musume (Hisako Kanemoto)


Jul 6, 2011


Regular Edition: LHCM-1093
Limited Edition: LHCM-31093

Third single features Ika Musume voiced by Hisako Kanemoto.
Limited edition includes a bonus DVD. The DVD disc is encoded for region 2 (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and no subtitles are included.

Disc Track Listing Duration
1 I.KA.A.I.SU Tabenaika?
1 Acchi Muite Kocchi Muite Ika Muite!
1 I.KA.A.I.SU Tabenaika? (off vocal)
1 Acchi Muite Kocchi Muite Ika Muite! (off vocal)
Limited Edition Only
2 I.KA.A.I.SU Tabenaika? (Music Clip)

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