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Aug 8, 2012

Kowasa na-ika? (壊さなイカ?)Edit

Won't It Break?
After breaking their own game console, the Three Stooges create a new handheld game console that won't break easily, giving some copies to Squid Girl and Eiko. However, they soon find the toughness of the console also makes it virtually unplayable, not helped by the selection of games on offer.

Futsū jana-ika? (普通じゃなイカ?)Edit

Isn't That Normal?
Ayumi reveals she has no problem conversing normally with Squid Girl and Chizuru because she doesn't consider them human. Not particularly pleased with that fact, Chizuru goes to extreme measures to try and convince people she is a normal human being.

Kakure na-ika? (隠れなイカ?)Edit

Won't You Hide?
Squid Girl decides to hide from the rest of the family in an attempt to surprise them, though is not too happy with them not showing much concern for her.