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Jun 7, 2013

Binīru Pūru jana-ika? (ビニールプールじゃなイカ?) Edit

Isn't That an Inflatable Pool?
The Aikawas blow up an inflatable pool for Squid Girl, which she decides to put on the roof for privacy, only to end up sliding out to sea when it starts raining.

Kaa-chan jana-ika? (母ちゃんじゃなイカ?)Edit

Isn't That His Mother?
Goro faces embarrassment when his mother stops by the beach.

Messēji Bottoru jana-ika? (メッセージボトルじゃなイカ?)Edit

Isn't That a Message in a Bottle?
Squid Girl becomes interested in sending a message in a bottle, only to find her bottle keeps washing back onto the shore, so the Three Stooges try to invent a rocket that will launch it far out to sea.