"Shinryaku! Ika Musume - Episode 05"
Season 1, Episode 5
Episode 5 title cards
Air date Nov 1, 2010
Intro "Shinryaku no Susume"
Outro "Metamerism"
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Uchūjin ja na-ika? (宇宙人じゃなイカ?)Edit

Not from this sea, are you? / Aren't You An Alien?
A woman named Cindy Campbell who comes from an American extraterrestrial research laboratory believes Squid Girl to be an alien and wants to take her back to her lab. Cindy attempts to brainwash her into thinking she really is an alien, but her appetite snaps her out of it.

Gakkō ni Ikana-ika? (学校に行かなイカ?)Edit

Why not join the school of fish? / Won't You Go To School?
Squid Girl has a look around Eiko's school, believing it to be a military base. She decides to hold the principal captive and take over the school before Eiko stops her.

Kawana-ika? (飼わなイカ?)Edit

Wouldn't having a pet be squidtastic? / Won't You Keep It?
Sanae has a dream in which Eiko finds a Mini Squid Girl and keeps it as a pet until she dies of old age.


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Gluttony Ika got a Stomach-ache