"Shinryaku! Ika Musume - Episode 07"
Season 1, Episode 7
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Air date Nov 15, 2010
Intro "Shinryaku no Susume"
Outro "Metamerism"
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Nerawarena-ika? (狙われなイカ?) Edit

Focus your tentacles on her! / Won't You Be Targeted?
Concerned about any evil plans Squid Girl may have, Nagisa decides to sleep over at the Aizawa household to keep watch on her. Nagisa pretends to not be scared of Squid Girl, which upsets her. Eiko tries to convince Squid Girl to just be friends with Nagisa, but Nagisa's fear rises up again.

Kenkyū shina-ika? (研究しなイカ?)Edit

Feeling inkuisitive? / Won't You Research?
As Squid Girl decides to play as being queen, Cindy manages to trick her into agreeing to come to her secret laboratory. There, Squid Girl meets some of Cindy's strange co-workers, them being Harris, Clark, and Martin.

Hatarakana-ika? (働かなイカ?)Edit

A squiddle work never killed anyone / Won't You Work?
The girls run into Ayumu and offer her a trial run working at their stand. As she attracts more sales, Eiko lets the owner borrow Squid Girl for the Southern Winds, where she proves to be a worthwhile entertainer.