"Shinryaku!? Ika Musume - Episode 4"
Season 2, Episode 4
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Air date Oct 17, 2011
Intro "High Powered"
Outro "Kimi wo Shiru Koto"
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Ingurisshu ja na-ika!? (Englishじゃなイカ!?)Edit

Squidn't that English?! / Isn't That English!?
After Takeru has trouble understanding a tourist, Cindy holds an English-teaching session, with Eiko being the only one who doesn't understand anything. This leads to some communication errors as Cindy misinterprets Eiko's Japanese as English.

Tomena-ika!? (止めなイカ!?)Edit

Ink you can stop it?! / Won't You Stop it!?
Squid Girl learns about tickling from Eiko and starts going around tickling others. However, she gets her comeuppance when she attempts to tickle Chizuru and ends up catching hiccups, which she believes can only be cured if something makes her happy.

Nagarena-ika!? (流れなイカ!?)Edit

Get my drift?! / Isn't That a Stream!?
Squid Girl joins Takeru and the others by the river, where they have a race with grass boats. As Squid Girl follows her boat down the river, she winds up on a completely different beach.