"Shinryaku!? Ika Musume - Episode 8"
Season 2, Episode 8
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Air date Nov 28, 2011
Intro "High Powered"
Outro "Kimi wo Shiru Koto"
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Rusuban shina-ika!? (留守番しなイカ!?) Edit

Watch My Shell While I'm Out?! / Won't You Watch The House!?
As Squid Girl is put in charge of the house while everyone is away, she mistakes a burglar for Chizuru's father.

Tatana-ika!? (断たなイカ!?)Edit

Quitting Cold Squid?! / Won't You Quit!?
After falling into another trap, Squid Girl tries to give up her craving for shrimp, but finds it hard to resist temptation.

Netchūshō jana-ika!? (熱中症じゃイカ!?)Edit

Come Down With A Squiddle Heat Stroke?! / Isn't That Heat Stroke!?
Both Squid Girl and Sanae collapse with heat stroke, with Squid Girl becoming paranoid over what'll happen should Sanae recover first.