Aizawa's House
Aizawa's house air view


Chizuru Aizawa (Current Boss), Eiko Aizawa, Takeru Aizawa, Ika Musume

First Appearance

Episode 4

The Aizawa's House is where Chizuru, Eiko and Takeru Aizawa along with Ika Musume in later episodes live.


The Aizawa's home is located above The Lemon Beach House, making it easier to walk to the beach. Apparently if you are in the Beach House you can hear noise coming from the house. The house on it's first floor has a hallway to put your shoes, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a stairway and a small bathroom. On the second floor there is Takeru, Chizuru and Eiko/Ika Musume's rooms. There is also a larger bathroom and a game room.


The house is white with a wooden roof. The door itself is also made of a darker brown wood. Near the door is 3 window, one to the door's left and the other two above it. The house also has a balcony. The house has a white brick fence that only reaches around one side and stops towards the entrance. The yard has a large tree and a sunflower decoration snaking up the side.


  • The house is two stories.
  • It is unknown which room the balcony connects to.