Shinryaku! Ika Musume
Volume 4
Chapters: 58 - 76
Publication Dates
Japan May 20, 2009
Taiwan September 22, 2009
Thailand June 9, 2010
Korea February 25, 2011
Vietnam March 2013
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Chapter 58 - Isn't It Hopeless?Edit

After watching documentary about Cicada's short life-span, Ika rejects Takeru's offer to capture some. Takeru then revises the plan to collect cicada's empty shells (at the park) instead.
In the park Ika sees a cage and proceeds to set the cicadas free, shocking two boys who've captured them. When the shorter boy yells at her, she cries (for the cicadas) and confiscates the cage and the net of the taller boy, ruining his mood.


As the boys leave the park, Takeru gives a shell of a black cicada to the shorter boy. The sight of the cool shell changes his mind, thus he challenges Ika for a match to find the biggest shell.

Even though Ika sets aside some time to bury dead cicada lying on the ground in the end Ika+Takeru manage to collect (many) more shells than the boys. Seeing the big difference, the boy comments that size doesn't matter any more; and despite loosing the match, the boy concludes the search was fun.
Ika insists of bringing all shells home, carrying them with her dress by holding the front tips of her dress. When a shell falls, she crouches to pick it up, crunching the rest of the shells between her legs and body.

Chapter 59 - Won't You Collect Points? Edit


Considering Ika's fear for shark, is this reward or punishment?

Chizuru gives Ika a point card: for every good deeds she gets some points, 50 points can be used to redeem fried shrimp while 100 points yields a full-course lobster.

In 2 days Ika manages to collect 50 points, but when she wants to redeem her present, Chizuru convinces her to keep her points and aim for full-course lobster. Afterwards sneaky Chizuru begins to give generous negative points for trivial mistakes and Ika collects -90 in no time. Ika speculates what she'll get for reaching -100:

  • Dried under the sun
  • Grilled (in literal meaning)
  • Spun by rotary dryer

Fearing the consequence she becomes very nervous. So much so that when she notices a customer dropping his wallet on his way out, she becomes concerned that picking it up may be perceived as stealing while feigning ignorance may also earns her negative point. In the end she decides to quickly pick and throw it to the customer's head.
As closure, Eiko accompanies Ika to apologize to the costumer. As Ika trembles in anticipation, Chizuru notes the point card has expired as of yesterday. When Chizuru asks whether Ika wants to renew it, Ika promptly refuses.

Chapter 60 - Won't You Play Beach Volleyball? Edit

Eiko drags Ika to participate in beach volleyball competition. Hesitant at first, Ika's spirit soars after seeing the grand prize: a big flat screen tv. They easily cruise to the final with Ika's long-reaching tentacles.
At the final, they are matched against Gorō Arashiyama and Tatsuo Isozaki. The lifesaver duo manage to force the game into a tight match. Eager to win, Ika slams the ball with all her might at match point. The ball pops and Eiko-Ika duo are disqualified for dangerous behaviour.
Also in anime, although some details are different, ex: In the manga Ika lost, but in the anime Chizuru comes to replace Eiko

Chapter 61 - Isn't It Love? Edit

Gorō Arashiyama rescues Nagisa who was knocked unconscious by a wave when she surfs. The next day Gorō comes to Lemon for his staple エビチャーハン (shrimp fried rice). After Nagisa approaches him to say her thank, Ika asks Gorō to keep a distance from Nagisa - for Nagisa is Ika's prey.
When Nagisa asks Gorō for his impression of Ika, he replies that despite Ika's antagonism, he considers her a good kid. The answer is not what Ika wants to hear so she starts an argument with him.
From the sideline Nagisa thinks that Gorō's answer is wrong (because he - as protector as the sea - supposes to be on the opposite side of Ika - an invader) and proclaims: "I will not give up on Gorō-san". Eiko interprets this proclamation as Nagisa's confession (of love) and gives her encouragement. As both girls walk away chatting, Gorō and Ika watch their backs in puzzlement.

Chapter 62 - Aren't You a Target? Edit

Ika lies to Nagisa, saying that her drowning was Ika's doing. After some contemplations, Nagisa decides to pretend that she no longer fear Ika.

The next time Ika tries to treat her, Nagisa responds calmly. This brings Ika to tears and she runs to the sea shore where she sulks watching the sea. Eiko comes over to soothe her and manages to convinced her to get along with Nagisa.
Coming back to Lemon, Ika presents her hand for a hand shake. Nagisa reaches for Ika's hand but in the end she can't contain her fear and pushes Ika away.

Chapter 63 - Isn't It a Plate? Edit

Chizuru buys a plate for Ika. At dinner time, Ika notices a pair of shrimps after she finishes her salad. Pleasantly surprised she tries to eat it, only to realize the shrimps are only imprint. When Chizuru clears out the plates away, Ika watches her back thinking out loud that although she's eaten, if feels like there are uneaten food.

Since Ika is not keen to use the plate, Chizuru wants to throw it away. Hearing that Ika asks for the plate, to be displayed in her (she means Eiko's) room.
Seeing Ika staring at the plate the whole time, Eiko suggests to put it back in the cupboard. Ika responds by saying that she is certain the shrimps are inside somehow. Thus she tries several methods to force the shrimps out:

  • Spinning the plate at high speed.
  • Putting it in a water tank.
  • Threaten 'them' by holding a hammer.
  • Leave it on the floor and peek from afar.

At dinner time a week later, Ika puts that plate by her side. When Eiko asks about it Ika replies that by casting away worldly thoughts and see with the mind's eyes the shrimps would appear in solid form. With it she can feel as if she is eating shrimp everyday.