Shinryaku! Ika Musume
Volume 7
Chapters: 115 - 133
Publication Dates
Japan October 20, 2010
Taiwan December 7, 2010
Korea May 31, 2011
Thailand August 26, 2011
Vietnam March 2013
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Table of ContentsEdit

Chapter 115 - Won't You Doorbell Ditch?Edit


Ika apologizes to Kiyomi

Watching a couple of brats doing door bell ditch, Ika decides to emulate. Unknown to her, Chizuru stands behind her. Unable to run, she pretends to have business with the household.

This prank went wrong becomes the prelude to Ika's friendship with Kiyomi Sakura.
Also in anime

Chapter 116 - Won't You be Loved?Edit

Eiko advises Sanae how to break the ice with Ika. After some time her effort pays off; Ika no longer feeling cautious towards Sanae, even greeting her casually.
Rather than feeling happy, Sanae felt something is missing and proceeds to hug Ika from behind, earning a fin slap in return.

Chapter 117 - Won't You Try Surfing?Edit

Watching Nagisa surfing, Ika's competitive spirit is challenged and she 'borrows' life guard's rescue board.
Looking at her swept by the wave, Eiko suggests her to ask for Nagisa's guidance. Prideful Ika rejects this suggestion, earning Nagisa's retort in the process.
She suddenly get so good at it, to the point of surfing against the wave. Later, a shark is shown underneath the board, explaining the sudden excellence.

Chapter 118 - Won't You Take a Walk?Edit

When Ika and Eiko visit Nagisa's home, Alex bites Ika's leg. To remove Alex's antagonism towards Ika, Eiko suggests Ika to take him for a walk. During the stroll, Ika learns more about Alex; boastful yet cowardly and bad with direction. That reminds her of herself thus they manage to get along.
Back to Sanae's place, his jealousy takes over and he bite Ika's hand.
Also in anime, although some details are different, ex: Ika's slipper incident is anime only

Chapter 119 - Won't You Spot The Mistakes?Edit


Ika's idea of proper boy behavior

Ika read Spot the Mistake section in a magazine. Instead of spotting pictorial differences, she remarks that for the boy in the picture, playing soccer by himself, to be smiling is a mistake.

She then proceeds on her quest to find & correct mistakes in real world:

  • She tries to change calendar to January (even though it is currently August).
  • She comments that Takeru doesn't behave like proper boy (i.e. carrying poop on a stick).
  • She comments how Eiko is not feminine enough.
  • She comments for Cindy to speak Japanese only is a mistake.
  • She tells Sanae to love Tatsuo Isozaki rather than her.
  • She corrects Tatsuo Isozaki's mistake - that is his bleached hair - by spewing squid ink over his head.
  • She tells Chizuru's mistake is to pretend to be a girl when Chizuru is actually a boy, evidence by he super human strength.

Chizuru counters by showing a paper with Ika Musume and Squid picture side by side and ask Ika to spot the mistake. Even after hours, Ika can't spot any difference.

Chapter 120 - Isn't That a Watermelon?Edit


Alex gets black watermelon

After watching Chizuru plants some seeds, Ika tries her hand on gardening by planting watermelon seeds. The watermelon grows abnormally fast and when Chizuru asks she reply that in place of water, she uses squid ink.

After 2 weeks, Aizawa house is covered by watermelons and the vines. Sanae suggests to sell them, but Eiko doubt they will sell given the black insides. Sane takes a test and decides to buy everything.

Chapter 121 - Isn't It 3D?Edit

Takeru shows Ika a 3D glasses and a book made for it. Without proper understanding Ika ventures out while wearing the glasses. Outside, she needs to touch every object to ascertain its authenticity.

Chapter 122 - Isn't That a Drama?Edit


Ika's reaction to mouth to mouth scene

Lemon Beach House is picked as the setting of a love story drama. During the filming the leading actress feels overshadowed by the extras (Ayumi Tokita, Cindy Campbell, Sanae Nagatsuki and Nagisa Saitō) thus she requests the director for a change of cast.

The replacement startles her by serving drinks using her tentacles.
The next scene would have the lead actress drowning to be rescued by the lead actor. Gorō Arashiyama and Tatsuo Isozaki interrupt the shoot with the former stopping the lead actor and the latter going for the rescue. Ticked, the lead actress quickly swim to the shore.
The director suggests to skip to the next scene - mouth to mouth scene.
When the drama finally runs, it has turned from a love story into monster rampage. Ika remarks that it is more interesting.

Chapter 123 - Isn't That Doubtful?Edit

Cindy Campbell and Three Stooges decide to shift their target from Ika to Chizuru because Chizuru has been demonstrating super human abilities. They are planning to get some DNA samples for analysis.
Harris takes the first initiative with his invisibility suit but failed because Chizuru can still sense his presence.
Clark tries with his invisible fly robot that got squashed by Chizuru without even looking.
Martin decides to go native, pretending to be her fan and ask for some hair and blood.
Also in anime

Chapter 124 - Won't You Try Bowling?Edit


Takeru's bowl technique

Ika and the Aizawa's go for bowl. While Chizuru has perfect strike, Takeru's place is in the gutter.

To improve Takeru's performance Ika wraps her tentacles on Takerus's waist and both arms and legs. Moving him like string puppet, it gives questionable form yet clear results.
After a while, Takeru decides to bowl on his own, using the form taught by Ika.

Chapter 125 - Won't You Try a Lottery?Edit

Eiko checks some lottery against the paper. When Ika asks what she is doing, Eiko gives her one - assuming it won't strike anyway. Ika mentions that it matches the first prize of 100 Million Yen[1]
This causes heated arguments between Ika and Eiko. When Eiko turns to Chizuru for support, Chizuru lit the lottery ticket and squeezed the ashes.
Shocked duo cry and demand an explanation; to which Chizuru replies: "I'm sure there are more things you can buy with 100 million yen.. but if you becomes a wretched person as a result, it's better to not have it at all".

Chapter 126 - Won't You Try Club Activities?Edit

From the side of Lemon Beach House Ika spots Kiyomi Sakura running in a hurry and decides to follow her. As it turns out, Kiyomi was late for her badminton club activity. Upon noticing Ika, Kiyomi's club advisor suggests a match between Ika and Kiyomi.

After a miss while using her hand, Ika decides to use her tentacle for range and power.
Other club members consider it fun ang gives Ika 9 more rackets for 10 vs 1 showdown.
One girl remarks how Ika looks like Senju Kannon while the other girl clasped her hand together as if to pray.

Chapter 127 - Aren't You a Burglar?Edit

At Lemon Beach House, Sanae taps on her laptop. When Eiko asks, she replies that she is setting up surveillance camera for the house. This reminds Chizuru of the recent strings of burglary in the area, thus she sends Ika to check.
Ika sees the burglar but mistakenly thought he is Chizuru's father. After some awkward moment, the burglar manages to send Ika away.
Luckily, Sanae reports to the police that apprehend the burglar.
Also in anime

Chapter 128 - Won't You Come Over to Play?Edit

Ika notices Kiyomi as the latter walk home from club activities and invites her over to Aizawas. Eiko and Chizuru are surprised and decide to do their best to support her.
However, Ika misinterpret Chizuru's support as a silent threat and Sanae's support as a face of pity.

Chapter 129 - Won't You Carry?Edit

As a neighbour strolls by with her baby, Chizuru and Eiko comment on how cute the baby is. However, Ika has her sight fixated on the cute baby stroller and wants to ride one.
Chizuru says that Aizawas has something similar - a wheelbarrow. She promptly sit on it then turns toward Eiko. Eiko decides to play along and wheel her outside.
Watching the pair, Sanae decides to take Eiko's place and quickly run towards her own house. This makes Ika realizes there's a trust from the dependant towards the carrier. She escapes by spewing squid ink on Sanae's face and run away pushing the empty wheelbarrow.
Back to Eiko's spot, Ika thanks Eiko and proceeds to say that she trust Eiko at least that much. Eiko calmly reply "..I get it" and dumps Ika to the ditch - her plan from the start.

Chapter 130 - Isn't That Lightning?Edit

As lightning strikes and thunder rolls, Takeru tells Ika the housewife tale that lightning can take away one's belly button. Ika proceeds to cover everyone's belly button every time a lightning striks, much to Eiko's annoyance.
Eiko decides to show her belly button to prove there is no truth to that housewife tale. The full blast of air conditioning on her exposed stomach upsets it thus Eiko puts her hands on top of her stomach as she walks towards the bath room.
Watching her, Chizuru, Takeru and Ika follow suit and cover their belly button, which irks Eiko some more.

Chapter 131 - Won't You Transform?Edit

Takeru show off his transformation belt to Ika. Although the kid knows it is only a pretend game, Ika genuinely thinks Takeru has underwent some transformations. Throughout dinner, she watches Takeru intently and manages to convince Eiko about Takeru's unknown transformation.
Thus begin the competition between Eiko and Ika to spot difference in Takeru.

Chapter 132 - Won't You be Swept Away?Edit

When Takeru asks for permission to play by the stream with his friends, Ika decides to skip work and tags along. The boys plan to have a bamboo leaf boat race.
Ika decorates hers with a rock in it, stating that without passenger it can't be called a boat. The boys want to tell her off, but decide against, considering her pride. Luckily, one of the boys brings a [wikipedia:Pumice|pumice] stone and suggests Ika to switch her rock with pumice stone - arguing the whiteness represent Ika more.
The boys go the extra mile to sabotage the other ships to make sure Ika's ship is the last one standing. Unexpectedly Ika decides to follow the ship journey all the way to the sea - where she lost her way.

Chapter 133 - Can't It be Broken?Edit


Unscheduled game fasting

The Three Stooges play multi-player games with their Nintendo DS, with Harris leaning on a handrail one level above Clark and Martin. Harris accidently drop his console, breaking it by the hinges. This prompts their decision to create a far better game console.

Once finished, they ask Eiko to beta test after demonstrating how sturdy it is.
Eiko struggles to turn the console on; even pressing single button takes so much effort.
Ika decides to play along, and just as the game is reaching the climax, it just stop abruptly prompting her to purchase the final version.
Eiko suggests to play game to soothe the depression from playing terrible game.
However their hands are still calibrated to the insanely tough console causing Eiko to crush game cartridge as she slots it in while Ika breaks the controller in half.
Also in anime, although some details are different, ex: In the anime there are 2 consoles for each girl. Controller broken by Ika looks like NES (manga) and PS (anime) . Link = OVA 1


  1. 100 Million Yen equals to US$9.528.